ReFramed podcast highlights disability in media

March 1, 2022

three people on a zoom call two men and one woman

ReFramed—Disability in Media is a podcast and vodcast series created by the Attitude Foundation that features a roundtable-type discussion on disability representation in mainstream media and pop culture.  

In each episode host Jason Clymo (who is also the show’s producer) with one of his co-hosts Robyn Lambird or Stephanie Dower (who also edits the show) invite a guest along to discuss a film or TV show featuring a disabled character.  

“We spend time discussing why some portrayals are better than others and the impact negative representation can have. At the end of the episode, we also score the media out of five on our Inclusive Disability Representation scale,” says Jason. 

On the scale five is the best and shows ranked 0 (or even in the negatives) are the worst. The conversational format gives guests the opportunity to share some of their experiences and discuss their work or projects. 

ReFramed is available on YouTube, across several podcast platforms and C31 and C44’s CTV+, and was funded in the first 2021/22 CBF Content grant round. 

“The CBF grant has helped Attitude Foundation to appropriately compensate the creative team, hosts and guests on the series,” says Jason. 

“This is particularly important, as creative industries still tend to push disabled people to provide their services for free as it’s providing them a platform (AKA paying in exposure).” 

Jason, Robyn and Steph each have lived experience of disability and are passionate about creating more opportunities for disabled people in the film and television industry—both in front of and behind the camera. 

The ReFramed guest list has included activists like Carly Findlay and Carson Tueller, as well as industry experts like Tracey Vieira. 

Matthew Field of the Attitude Foundation serves as Executive Producer on the series. 

“We’re all very grateful for the opportunity to share this message with those who follow along. Our hope is to better educate consumers on what inclusive representation is, and how harmful portrayals of disability on screen can result in real-life ableism and discrimination. This will help shift how the industry portrays disability, and hopefully create more opportunities for disabled people to control our own narratives,” says Jason. 

“I believe community media plays a vital role in amplifying the messages of under-represented or misrepresented communities – including local stories. For me, it’s an opportunity to share the experiences of disabled people and educate the film and TV industry on how we’d like to be represented.” 

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Image: ReFramed Podcast host Jason Clymo, guest Carson Tueller, and co-host Stephanie Dower 

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