Bringing print media to life

August 26, 2018
Vision impaired man in studio in front of microphone, operating a community radio console.

Access to knowledge and information has the power to transform people’s lives. Access to printed publications often informs opinions and decisions, enabling full participation in cultural, economic, political and social life. People with visual, physical or cognitive impairments, learning difficulties or low literacy need to consume print media but don’t enjoy the same ready access as other Australians.

We proudly support stations in the Radio Reading Network, helping to bring published materials to life on the radio for an estimated five million Australians with a print disability.  This includes supporting the work of 1RPH.

With the help of our grant, 1RPH was able to train volunteers in the specialist skills needed to bring print media to life on the radio.  Our grant helped to produce more than 108 hours of content, including interviews with community groups and feature programs on ANZAC Day and Christmas Day.

The work of RPH stations is life-changing – providing valuable connections to everyday culture for those unable to engage with print media. For some this connection is a lifeline.

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