Each year the CBF grants more than $16.8 million to help 220 community media organisations communicate, connect and share knowledge through independent radio, television and digital media. Our grants are allocated twice per year, with the majority of funding allocated in the first round.

Grants available

We have funding available to support Content (including Specialist Programming), Development & Operations and Major Projects (sector investment).

Quick Response grants may also be available when regular grant rounds are closed.

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Key dates

Development & Operations grants | Closed. Our next grant round opens in July, 2019.

Content grants | Closed. Our next grant round opens in July, 2019.

Quick Response grants | Applications for projects meeting the eligibility criteria and funding conditions are welcome at any time.


We love hearing updates from the people and organisations receiving our grants. It helps us celebrate the many stories we help bring to life.

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Our frequently asked questions will support your grant application. If you need further help, contact our friendly Grant Support Team.

Application process

What is community media?
What grants are available?
When do I apply?
How do I apply?
Can I apply for more than one grant?
How long does a grant application take to complete?
Can I get help using SmartyGrants?
What if I miss the grant deadline?
What if my organisation received funding in Round 1?

Application form

How do I prioritise my projects?
Why are some sections of the application form grey?
Why is the CBF asking questions about gender inclusion and equity?
How do I complete the budget table?
Do I have to provide supporting documents?
What if we don’t have a Strategic Plan?
What are the Annual Report and financial statements requested in the application?
What is meant by a Strategic Plan or Business Plan?
What does building capacity mean?

Development & Operations grants

How much should we apply for?
Are some activities prioritised over others?
How much funding is available?
What is meant by membership fees?
What happens if we don’t supply three supplier quotes for infrastructure requests?
Are basics like studio rent, power and insurance considered operational support?
Can we apply for funds to keep just in case some equipment breaks down unexpectedly?
Where can we get advice about which equipment is best?
Could we employ a full-time Station Manager funded by an annual grant?
What should I include in a Position Description?
What is an organisational chart?
What additional documentation should I provide to support my application?

Content grants

How do we define who is a recognised community media organisation?
What is content production?
Are some activities prioritised over others?
How much funding is available?
Why do you want our Strategic Plan in a Content grant application?
Can I apply for wages under Content grants?
My proposal is for a new program, do I have to provide a demo or pilot?
My project has an Indigenous focus, is there anything I need to consider?

Specialist Radio Programming

What activities are incentivised?
What is the community/broadcaster engagement admin fee?
How much should we apply for on behalf of our Specialist Program groups?
Are the figures in how much to apply capped amounts?
Do I have to provide a budget for each Specialist Radio Program?
How will Specialist Radio Programming requests be assessed?
Should I request the same amount as last year?


When will I find out the outcome of my application?
When will the grant be paid?
How does priority loading work?
Will the priority loading change in future years?
Does regional include rural?
Does regional include remote?
Why is there a question about suggesting Grant Assessors in the application form?
How will the application be assessed?

Grant process

How will grant reporting work when there are lots of components to each grant application?
How will multi-year funding work?
Are there any salary restrictions?
What are my obligations if I receive a grant?
Why does my Grant Agreement ask about compliance with legislation related to vulnerable people?
Is GST payable on my grant?

Grant reports

What’s included in the report?
When will we need to report on the grant?
How do you complete a Grant Report?
Why do I need to complete a Grant Progress Report?
What’s involved in providing an Auditor’s Financial Certificate?
Who can sign my Auditor’s Financial Certificate?
Do I need to provide audited annual financial statements?
Will the CBF need further information about the spending of my grant?
What happens if my Grant Report is overdue?
What if I don’t spend all my grant funds?

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Are you looking to apply for a CBF grant or grow the income of your organisation? We’ve produced these guides and templates to help you.

Do you have a question about our grants process? We have lots of information to help you on our website – we welcome you to explore.  Your question may feature in our Frequently Asked Questions or we always welcome you to contact our friendly Grants Support Team to discuss.

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Managing your grant

You’ve been successful in receiving a grant from the CBF – congratulations! We proudly partner with community media to help bring stories to life across Australia. Here’s how to manage your grant.

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Acknowledging us

As a valued funding partner in Australian community media, we kindly ask grant recipients to recognise our support via promotions on websites, social, audio credits and publications. Download our Acknowledgment Toolkit for guidelines including templates for audio, video, print and websites.


After reviewing our toolkit, download the logo best suited to your needs.  Please keep in mind any logo downloads are subject to our Copyright and Disclaimer policies.

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Successful grants

In our first second round of funding for 2018/19, we granted a total of $1.74 million to 93 organisations. We’re pleased to support community media projects across Australia, including those listed below.

All grant allocations are detailed in our Grants Allocations spreadsheet (XLS file, 39KB). For more inspiration, see other examples of community media organisations bringing Australian stories to life.

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