Strategic Plan

The CBF Strategic Plan helps us fulfill our vision to fund a thriving and resilient future for community broadcasting – one that is at the heart of every community.

Collaboration and partnership are central to our strategy, building on decades of strong relationships and expertise. This reflects our unique position to work together with individuals and organisations across the community media sector to identify opportunities and issues, and invest in key activities to realise the sector’s full potential.

We see this potential being realised when stations are capable and viable in the long term; where participation and voice are at the centre enriching our lives with a diversity of choice in our media; where local stories, news and cultural content reflect the many perspectives, people and communities our sector serves; where community broadcasting is at the heart of every community.

How will we achieve this?

We have identified three core focus areas that will guide our work. These are underpinned by strong foundations, values and beliefs that help us deliver on our commitments.

Capability and viability that secures a sustainable and long-term future

  • Strategic and long-term thinking – addressing the big issues facing the sector through strategic investment and granting
  • Resilient sector – developing, testing and embedding key principles of resilience
  • Sector capability and capacity – helping community broadcasting stations thrive
  • Strong governance and practice – encouraging grantees to develop and embed good governance practices

Participation and voice that creates connection and belonging throughout our diverse community

  • Granting for positive impact – ensuring our grants take into account the diversity and inequities across the sector so communities and their stories are heard and valued
  • Representative and inclusive community media – supporting community media to be engaged with, connected to, and reflective of their communities
  • Community participation – supporting diverse communities access to local content that enables active participation in community life

Partner and influence that champions community broadcasting

  • Build awareness – articulating community media’s value and impact, and building broader understanding of the community broadcasting story
  • Partnerships – collaborating purposefully with peak sector organisations to deliver positive and meaningful change
  • Sector advocacy and influence – championing community media to influence and inform future investment and policy
  • Demonstrable impact – capturing, understanding and communicating the value and positive impact of community media

Our Strategic Plan is a flexible framework that recognises we are operating in a world that is in a state of constant flux, allowing us to quickly respond to social, economic and technological changes.

View an overview of the CBF Strategic Plan (PDF, 46KB) and see our progress (PDF, 2.1MB) against these focus areas in the past year (extracted from our 2022 Annual Report).