Quick Response grants

Quick Response grants are available to support community media organisations experiencing emergencies that risk discontinued transmission or operations, or who have been provided with a time-limited opportunity. To apply for this grant, you will need to provide evidence that this situation could not have been reasonably anticipated prior to the most recent CBF grant round, cannot wait until the next round and cannot be covered by your organisation’s reserves.

This could include for the following:


  • Replacing essential equipment and related expenses to restore basic transmission following an unforeseen event such as flood, bushfire, lightning, theft or drought
  • Replacing essential operational equipment and related expenses not able to be reasonably anticipated
  • Unexpected changes at your studio or transmission site such as a sudden need to relocate
  • A financial loan while an insurance claim is being processed and/or funds are raised


  • A matched funding opportunity for a project
  • Other costs associated with a time-limited opportunity

Grants will be considered outside the normal grant rounds – you will normally receive advice about the outcome of your application within one week.


To be considered eligible for a Quick Response grant, you will need to answer yes to the following questions:

  • Has this emergency/opportunity arisen unexpectedly? That is, that it could not have been reasonably anticipated during a previous funding round and cannot wait for the next funding round.
  • Can you provide evidence of the emergency/opportunity in your application? Such as:
    o Photos of equipment needing replacing
    o Documentation from ACMA, local council, landlord, owners corporation, utility company, real estate agency
    o Insurance documentation
    o Evidence of support from funding partners
    o Hyperlinks or screenshots of the unique equipment sale
    o Financial statements demonstrating costs cannot be met from organisation reserves
  • Can you provide the following information required within the grant application?
    o Your latest Annual Report with financial statements, even if you have supplied this information to the CBF previously
    o Technical data/information from a qualified person detailing the nature of the issue(s) and how to remedy it
    o A competitive quote for any equipment purchases over $2,000
    o A clear and detailed project budget
    o Contact information for your organisation and a key individual involved in the proposal
    o Evidence or statement that the costs cannot be covered by insurance

Funding conditions

To receive a Quick Response grant, you must meet the following funding conditions.

  • Amount we may fund:
    • Emergencies:  100% of the financial cost of the project
    • Opportunities: maximum of 50% towards the total financial cost of the project
    • Loans will need to be fully repaid within the agreed time-frame (even if insurance does not cover the full amount).

    How to apply

    If you believe your project meets the Quick Response grant eligibility and funding conditions, the next step is to discuss your project with a CBF Grants Support Team member that looks after your area. If eligible, you will be provided with a link to our online grant application in SmartyGrants.

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