Round 1 delivers $17.7million

June 26, 2024

In Round 1 2024/25 we are pleased to continue to progress our purpose to fund a thriving, impactful and resilient future for community broadcasting where it is at the heart of every community.

The funding supports hundreds of inspiring ContentSpecialist Radio Programming and Development & Operations projects and activities that ensure community stories, information and entertainment are heard by millions of people across the country.

In this Round, we saw applications to fund programs and initiatives that implement the strategic priorities of Roadmap 2033.  These projects included employment of a full-time technician to be shared among seven remote stations. This Round also includes a number of multi-year grants that provide certainty of funding and enable longer-term implementation.

Each grant round, we receive many more applications than we are able fund. Overall, we granted a total of $17,758,382 across 227 applications in 2024/25 funding, with a further $3,103,236 across 13 multi-year grants.

For Round 1 2024/25 we received a combined total of 327 applications requesting $28,644,516. This includes: 

  • 159 Development & Operations applications requesting $13,344,708 – 107 applications have been offered funding totalling $5,578,650 
  • 102 Content applications requesting $4,205,453 – 54 Content applications have been offered funding totalling $1,540,415 
  • 58 Specialist Radio Programming applications requesting $2,209,013 – 58 applications have been offered funding totalling $1,826,975 (includes ongoing ethnic programming totalling $957,971 ongoing first nations programming totalling $839,275 and ongoing radio reading programming totalling $29,729) 
  • 4 Sector Coordination applications requesting $291,292 – 4 applications have been offered funding totalling $291,292 
  • 4 Sector Development applications requesting $8,594,050- 4 applications have been offered funding totalling $8,521,050 
  • 87 volunteer assessors were involved in assessing grants for this round of funding. 

Image:  5PBA FM broadcasters at Outside Broadcast for Harmony Day 2023

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Next grant round

Submissions for Round 2 2024/25 Content, Specialist Radio Programming and Development & Operations grants will open on 1 July and close at 2pm (AEST) 22 AugustProjects meeting the eligibility criteria and conditions of our Quick Response grants are welcome at any time.

If you have any questions or want to talk through your application idea, get in touch with the Grants Support Team member who looks after your area.

We’ll be publishing tips and other information during the round on our website and Facebook page. You can also keep up-to-date by subscribing to our newsletter Broadcast.