Specialist Radio Programming

Stations producing content that meets the needs of particular communities may be eligible for dedicated Specialist Radio Programming Content grants. This funding is intended to encourage stations to incorporate:

  • RPH programs to serve people with a print disability
  • Ethnic programs to serve a defined local ethnic community
  • Indigenous programs

These grants are distributed twice per year, with the greater portion allocated in Round 1 (see grant key dates).

Our grant guidelines and our Frequently Asked Questions detail everything you need to know about Specialist Radio Programming grants, including the need for stations to consult with broadcasters. For stations consulting with multiple ethnic broadcasters, we’ve prepared a Specialist Content Workbook to help you (special thanks to Behrooz Farahnakian from 4EB who created the original version).

Before you start your application, make sure you preview the application form and remember, members of our friendly Grants Support Team are here to provide tips and advice.

Our grant round has now closed. We will be accepting Specialist Radio Programming grant applications in January, 2019. If you wish to complete a report for a grant you have received, visit Smartygrants.

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Video tutorial – Specialist Radio Programming grants

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