$1+million crisis funding supports 100+stations

November 11, 2020

More than 100 community broadcasting organisations across Australia received a share of over $1 million in our latest COVID-19 Crisis Grant round.

Established in March this year, the COVID-19 Crisis Grant makes a small contribution to help support community stations through the pandemic.

Instead of running our usual Content and Development & Operations grants in September, we decided to repurpose this funding and run a second COVID-19 Crisis Grant round. We believed this was the best way to help the greatest number of stations stay open and operating during the pandemic. And we knew from the first Crisis Grant round that the need across the community broadcasting sector was significant and pressing.

The funding allocated in this round included specific funding allocations for community radio stations with ethnic, RPH (Radio Print Handicapped) and Indigenous programming.

How was the COVID-19 Crisis Grant determined?

Unlike our usual grants, the COVID-19 Crisis Grant was not assessed competitively. Each application was reviewed by the COVID-19 Response Grants Advisory Committee (CRGAC) and grant amounts were determined by a proportional calculation that considered:

  • the funding already allocated by the CBF in the first COVID Crisis and 2020/21 Development and Operations grant rounds
  • the allocation would not be more than 50% of an organisation’s annual expenditure.

Stations with ethnic, Indigenous or RPH programming were then allocated additional funds from their specific funding allocations.

View the list of organisations receiving funding in the second COVID-19 Crisis Grant round.

Next Grant Round

Our next Content and Development & Operations grant rounds are opening on Monday 11 January. So, keep an eye out for information here on our website, on our Facebook page and by subscribing to our newsletter Broadcast.

Photo: Will in the studio at Bumma Bippera Media for the Drivetime show. Located on Yirrganydji country (Cairns, Queensland), Bumma Bippera was one of over 100 stations to receive COVID-19 Crisis Grant funding.