Webinar replays: Round 1 2024-25 Grants

February 19, 2024
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In our latest webinar series, the CBF Grants Support Team  examined the key changes to application forms for Round 1 2024/25 Content and Development & Operations Grants, and the steps to success when applying for grants.  Check out our webinar replays below along with our team’s top takeaways:

Webinar:  Key Changes to Application Forms 2024/25

8 February 2024

Top takeaways:

  • Key changes to Round 1 2024/25 Grant application forms include the alignment of the CBF grant category objectives with the shared goals identified by the sector in Roadmap 2033
  • The new question ‘Tell us about your organisation?’ has been added to the form for you to provide some context for assessors around who your organisation is and its core purpose
  • The former gender inclusion and equity questions have now been replaced with the new Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility section.  We are interested to hear about what you are  currently doing or planning to do in the future to encourage greater participation at your organisation from members of diverse communities
  • We are looking for programs and/or projects that will progress and develop the content within our sector, to enable it to continue to do what it does best which is to ‘reflect, amplify and enrich the ever-evolving communities of Australia’ (Roadmap 2033).

Webinar:  Steps to Success – Content Grants

15 February 2024

Top takeaways:

  • Plan, plan, plan: read the guidelines, confirm your eligibility and discuss the application with your organisation and your Grants Support Team member before you begin
  • Read through the Content Grant Guidelines in detail to learn about the purpose and objectives of the grants
  • In the new question ‘Tell us about your organisation’, include details that help us picture your station and its community
  • In the ‘Measures of success’ section, it’s important to align what you want to achieve with the grant funding objectives as best as you can.  These measures will form the reporting requirements of your grant agreement if you are successful so it’s important to keep them realistic.

Webinar:  Steps to Success – Development & Operations Grants

22 February 2024

Top takeaways:

  • For the Tell us about your organisation question, help our assessors and Committees understand more about your organisation and community, by imagining you were introducing someone to your organisation for the first time.
  • Under Why do you need CBF support now? you need to pitch the importance of your activities taking place during the funding period and not being shuffled to the ‘could happen later’ or ‘nice to have’ pile. You also need to pitch why CBF funding support is needed to make the project happen rather than you simply funding it yourself.
  • In the Capacity section assessors will be considering can you pull the idea off? Do you have the people involved and the ability within your organisation to do the thinking required behind the project?
  • If you don’t have a Strategic Plan document and don’t know how to get one, you can apply for support from the CBF to do this and we have some resources on Strategic Plannning, including a list of relevant facilitators, on our website.
  • High scoring responses to the Diversity, Inclusion and accessibility section should demonstrate a strong understanding of the makeup of their community and ways of interacting and engaging with them, relevant updated policies to ensure all volunteers and prospective volunteers know what is expected within the organisation and demonstrate an open and accessible space where people feel welcomed and valued.

For more information, visit the Grant Reports section of our website including FAQs, Reporting tips and Acknowledgment toolkit here.

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We run two  Content and Development & Operations  grant rounds each year, usually in January and July.   For more information about our grants, visit the Grants Available section of our website.

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