Meet our Grant Assessor: Dr Kim Stewart

April 12, 2022

Dr Kim Stewart earned her Community Broadcasting wings at 4ZZZ Community Radio Brisbane in 2000. But she was interested in community media long before then, making zines and being a founding member of Indymedia Australia. During her time at 4ZZZ she has produced five different news and information shows, held board positions, been a Community Media Training Organisation (CMTO) trainer since 2017, and run a number of radio groups with her community. 

Tell us about your background 

I grew up in Darwin around the time of Cyclone Tracy’s devastation. Since then I have tried dropping out of society in an alternative community in northern NSW, being an artist and gardener, studying philosophy, science, environmental science and social work, working as an environmental campaigner with Friends of the Earth and counsellor and social worker with people with disability who have experienced violence and abuse. Today I teach at a private tertiary education organisation as a lecturer. I have six children. 

How did you get into community broadcasting?  

I’ve been a keen listener to 4ZZZ since my late teens, then in the late 90s I was volunteering with a community media group that was located on the ground floor of the station! Today I am a co-producer of Only Human, a program that discusses disability and social justice issues with a group of awesome differently-abled volunteers. 

I’ve run radio groups with the community since 2015 including the Ability Radio Project which won the Tony Staley Award for 4ZZZ in 2015. Thanks to community broadcasting, I became a Doctor of Creative Industries in 2019! Currently I’m working on a great project with the CMTO with the fabulous Lachlan Wiley and Giordana Caputo. 

Why did you sign up to be a CBF assessor?  

The CBF has been kind to my various hare-brained production schemes over the years, I wanted to give back something and help new voices get a start like I did. 

Community broadcasting is important because…  

…it’s the people’s voices, live and local! 

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