Grant Assessor role

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Are you interested in joining the CBF team of Grant Assessors? Our Grant Assessors are a team of more than 160 volunteers from community radio organisations (and related industries) across Australia.

  • Learn about how our grants are assessed and the criteria we use to assess applications.
  • Learn the common pitfalls of applications and what a strong application looks like.
  • Your insights will help your organisation to write winning applications.
  • Find out about great ideas, initiatives and trends across the sector.
  • Be part of a great team of peers who are supported throughout the year with training and workshops.

Learn more about what they do and how they are helping to support grant decisions and shaping the future of community media.

What do assessors do?

  • Assess grants twice a year over a three-week period in March and September, following our major grant rounds.
  • Assessors are matched according to their skills to ensure the most appropriate person is looking at a specific grant application.

Where do assessors fit into the grants process?

Our grants process follows the same steps each round.

  1. Grant applications are submitted.
  2. Grants Support Team assigns applications to assessors – every application is assessed by a minimum of five assessors.
  3. Assessors complete their assessments online, and their scores and comments are aggregated by the Grants Support Team.
  4. Grant Advisory Committees consider the feedback and other factors before making recommendations to the CBF Board.
  5. Board decides which grants are successful and how the funding is spent based on these recommendations.

How much work is involved?

  • Each assessor is allocated approximately 25 applications. On average, assessments take around 10-20 minutes to complete or roughly 8 hours for 25 applications.
  • Assessors also participate in about 12 hours training.

Do I have to commit to doing two assessment rounds?

Each round, we put out a call for assessors to see who is available. If you have work, travel or other commitments that’s okay. You can choose to be part of the next round.

Find out more about becoming a CBF Grants Assessor

Watch Volunteer ManagerGeorgie’s CBAA conference power talk below

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Email Volunteer Manager Georgie or phone 03 8341 5955 or sign up to be a Grant Assessor now!