Meet our Grant Asessor: Brianna Baggow

March 8, 2022

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Brianna Baggow is the Station Manager at 4RFM Community Radio Station in Central Queensland. Born and bred in Moranbah Brianna lives there today married to her high school sweetheart raising her 4 teenage children. Prior to diving into community radio she was managing community pharmacies at both Terry White and Priceline. As part of her career experience Brianna coordinated staff training and managed the day-to-day operations of the store—a pretty perfect fit for community broadcasting

Tell us about your background 

I have always had a passion for volunteering in the community and love to study and write. I started writing grants for community groups and when a job opportunity came up at the local radio station I jumped at the chance to try something new and be able to utilize my skills.

How did you get into community broadcasting?  

I was at a grant writing workshop and mentioned to someone that I would love to have a job where I could just write grants full time! They suggested a position that was available at the local radio station. I was sold on the idea that I would mainly just be coordinating volunteers and finding funding to keep us on air. But I think anyone who works within the community radio station would know that you soon learn to be very multiskilled and I am now very qualified in dealing with tech and equipment failures, community liaison, I program four shows each week (with one live to air), produce two podcasts and develop Youth training plans to meet the diversity of our youth presenters and media students. 

Why did you sign up to be a CBF assessor?  

Initially to learn more about the process of assessing but I do love when assessing time comes around. I learn so much about what is going on at other community radio stations and hear about the hardships and the amazing achievements that goes on within our sector. It also allows me to be connected to other grant assessors and learn from them as well as recognising how it has made me a better grant writer. 

Community broadcasting is important because…  

…it connects communities. Especially rural and remote communities who are often forgotten, community radio hasn’t forgotten them and we all work really hard as a sector to remain unique to our communities. 4RFM aims every day to be integral in connecting and amplifying all voices of our Isaac community by providing engaging multiplatform media content that unites each of the townships of our vast region.

About being a grant assessor

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