Support for flooded Seymour FM

March 16, 2023
Room impacted by flood waters - papers and desk covered in dirty water. Blue bucket near by indicating a clean up

Seymour FM (103.9 FM) is located on the lands of the Taungurung people in the regional town of Seymour in Victoria along the Goulburn River.

When Seymour flooded, water inundated Seymour FM’s two studios, storage space and offices. Initial assessments revealed very little equipment was salvageable, with a fine film of dirt covering every single thing within 1.2m of floor level.

We were pleased to provide the station with a Quick Response Grant for $72,859 to replace studio and IT equipment and office furniture. The station was on the cusp of moving to a new studio in an area thankfully not affected by the floods. So, it’s all hands on deck in Seymour as the team complete the studio and office fitouts, and set up the new equipment straight into the new space.

The station is currently broadcasting music with no live shows. Good luck for the move and for getting back on the airwaves from all of us here at the CBF!