Rising against the tide of climate change

January 22, 2020

Four men in a canoe in flood waters with palm tress in the background

No Land, No Livelihood, No Home is a 10-part radio documentary series that looks at the profound impact of climate change on the lives of women and their communities across the Pacific, Papua New Guinea and the Torres Strait Islands.

Presented by journalist and broadcaster, Maureen Mopio from 4EB radio in Brisbane, this series gives voice to social justice activists, climate scientists and ordinary people across the region fighting for climate justice and survival.

Each 30-minute episode covers specific topics such as gender balance and climate change, women monitoring weather patterns, the need to maintain culture and food sources, activism as art, and a range of other activities started by women to raise awareness of, and adapt to, the very real impacts of land erosion, water contamination and damage to crops.

Throughout the series the complex science of climate change is complemented by first-hand experiences of its effects from women who talk openly about the many challenges affecting fundamental aspects of their lives and communities.

By funding this series, we not only helped to raise awareness of the significant climate-related challenges facing people around the Pacific and the Torres Strait Islands, but it also gave women in the region the chance to have their voices heard.

No Land, No Livelihood, No Home was broadcast from late May 2019 on 4EB and syndicated across Australia on the Community Radio Network.

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