2DRY’s Youth program opens new doors to diversity and opportunity

September 27, 2023
A group of young girls in khaki, black, pink and orange tops smiling in a radio studio and standing behind a woman adult with short red hair and black tee shirt and necklace

2DRY FM has had many reasons to celebrate lately, from the wild success of their youth training program to the recent addition of their newly funded Youth Co-ordinator role – and not to mention taking home several awards at this year’s annual Bilby Awards!

2DRY is a community radio station based in Broken Hill, western New South Wales, on the traditional lands of the Wilyakali people of the Barkindji nation.  The station broadcasts over 60 locally-produced programs every week, through the commitment and passion of their dedicated volunteers.

As a recipient of CBF’s Round 1 Content Grant 2022/23, the station received funding for a new youth program to engage and train young people in Broken Hill to establish a weekly radio show for youth.  Funding was also granted for the employment of a youth co-ordinator to recruit, up-skill and provide ongoing support to program participants and young people at the station.

The station has had a fruitful year delivering two youth radio training sessions in January and April.  Sessions have covered topics such as: how to get started in community radio, how to pitch a program, broadcast law and scripting, hosting and interviews, editing and production, and opportunities and skills review.

Participants have also gained valuable practical experience through on-air learning and hosting outdoor broadcasts (OBs) – including at the Broken Hill City Art Gallery where participants hosted a youth event OB and produced a full program based on interviews with mural artist James Price and conversations with each other about their training experience.   Participants have hosted 6 OBs and produced over 50 hours of programming over the course of the program.

2DRY’s youth program has been acclaimed by many of its young participants who have gone on to broadcast regularly at the station and even launch new shows (‘Time Travel’ with Piper & ‘The Drive Home’ with Arliah).  The program continues to cement the station’s reputation as a place for young people in the community to connect, learn valuable skills and build their confidence.

2DRY has won several awards at this year’s Bilby Awards for their excellence in broadcasting, including winner of the ‘Community Engagement Award’, ‘Outside Broadcast Award’, ‘Best Interview Award’ and runner up for ‘Best Radio Program’ and ‘Youth Contribution’.  Congratulations 2DRY on all your successes!

[Photo:  2DRY FM Station manager Megan Williams with youth program participants Faith, Alaisha, Piper and Urmi]