Reducing your environmental impact

March 21, 2023
Hand holding card printed with recycle symbol

We’re passionate about reducing our impact on the environment and helping community media organisations to lighten their footprint. Working together, we can help reduce the impact of climate change and improve the environment for future generations.

Our Environmental Sustainability Policy encourages community media organisations to consider the environmental impact of their activities.

We’ve put together a few ideas below to help you think about how you can reduce your environmental impact.

Develop an Environmental Policy and Action Plan

To reduce your impact on the environment, it’s important that your volunteers, staff and supporters understand this is a focus for your organisation. A great way is to do this is to establish an active Environmental Policy and Action Plan.

  • An Environmental Policy is a statement about your organisation’s environmental position and values.
  • An Action Plan identifies a list of actions, responsibility for completing each action and a timeframe for completion.

A great example is PBA-FM’s Environmental Sustainability Policy which includes a clear statement of commitment, purpose and actions. PBA has a strong history of environmental programming, including being recognised as a finalist in the Media Category of the World Environment Day Awards for multimedia project Park Friends.

If you’re thinking about developing your first Environmental Policy and Action Plan, have a look at the Environmental Policy and Action Plan template we’ve put together to help you. Remember we encourage you to include your environmental policy and action plan in any future Development & Operations grant applications.

Energy assessment

An energy assessment identifies ways your organisation can reduce its impact on the environment and also save money by making changes to operations and technology. An energy assessment that is conducted by an expert should include the following:

  • assessment of your energy bills and current contract (you can save hundreds of dollars with a quick phone call to a competitor)
  • review of insulation, shading and draught-proofing options
  • review of lighting products, layout and automation options
  • review of your water needs and options to recycle rainwater
  • feasibility of installing solar and the potential payback period
  • identification of other potential ways you can save energy and money
  • recommendation of a range of products and suppliers with the best balance of price, quality and service.

An energy assessment report will allow you to prioritise, plan and budget for improvements. This report can also be used as evidence to help build your case for support in fundraising campaigns and grant applications including our Development & Operations grants.

Easy ways to reduce your impact on the environment

Here are a few ideas that can help you reduce the environmental impact of your activities:

  • turn lights and equipment off when not in use
  • review the timers/triggers set on air considerations, lighting and water heaters
  • use energy efficient LED light globes
  • use economical toilet flush systems
  • recycle rainwater
  • use recycled printer paper and stationery
  • draught proof windows and doors
  • insulate roof spaces
  • shade north and west facing windows in summer.

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