Mob Talks slated for season 2!

October 4, 2023
Large group of twenty people wearing black, yellow and white clothing gathering around a couch and smiling at the camera inside a TV studio

Mob Talks’ opens with a refreshing, visual Welcome to Country performed in language by First Nations Indigenous & Cultural Speaker, Robert Taylor – just one example of how the trailblazing show is consciously crafting meaningful engagement with its local First Nations community.

The talk show series explores social issues through a First Nations lens, encouraging informed conversations about the unique and complex issues faced by Indigenous people.  Featuring interviews with subject matter experts from First Nations communities – each episode focuses on a different issue including health and LGBTQI+ issues, and how definitions of First Nations identity and their cultural practices impact on their everyday lives.

At the official launch of the series, Attorney General & Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Kyam Maher MLC said: ‘Mob Talks as a series is really important, not just for this state but for this country. It gives training and ability to First Nations creatives and First Nations people that want to be involved in the screen industry, and possibly more importantly, it elevates the voices of Aboriginal people.’

Featuring several cast members from the LGBTQI+ and First Nations community including show host, Marcellus Enalanga – ‘Mob Talks’ is not only unique in its representation of diverse intersectional groups, but in the way it spotlights these emerging, under-represented voices on Australian TV while shedding real insight into their unique, lived experiences.  The growing popularity of the show has enabled Channel 44 to form new connections with LGBTQI+ organisations such as Feast Festival Adelaide for new collaborative projects in the future.

The making of ‘Mob Talks’ has led to many career-propelling opportunities for its First Nations cast and production crew who have gained valuable first-hand experience on set and have gone on to join other exciting projects:  show host Marcellus landed a position within SBS/NITV in journalism as well as hosting this year’s Reconciliation Breakfast South Australia, production co-ordinator Star Sandford undertook a Producer Attachment on acclaimed feature film ‘The New Boy’ starring Cate Blanchett and documentary ‘Songs Inside’, writer & director Keith Gilbey-Warrior also secured Post-production Attachments on TV series ‘MaveriX’ and ‘Firebite’.    Film crew have also gained valuable professional development opportunities including writer & director, Rick Hutcheson, who secured a placement in The First Nations TV Pilot Program and Star Sandford who undertook a traineeship with Breakout Productions.

‘Mob Talks’ is a co-production of Channel 44 and the South Australian Film Corporation.  The series has been slated for a second season and is currently in production!

Channel 44 was a recipient of CBF’s Content Grant Round 1 2021/22 & Round 2 2022/23 for the creation of ‘Mob Talks’.  Season 1 of the series is available to view on CTV Plus