Webinar replays on Grant reporting

July 17, 2023

The CBF Grants Support Team held two webinars to support grantees in completing their grant reports.  Included below is a full replay of each webinar as well as the team’s top takeaways:

Development & Operations grant reports

Content & Specialist Radio Programming grant reports

Top takeaways:

  • Grant reports are the final milestone in your grant agreement and an opportunity for reflection and celebration
  • Good grant reports = good grant applications
  • Strong grant reports include detail and photos, celebrate wins and admit losses and lessons learned.  Spend all the money!
  • Weak grant reports lack detail, no evidence, missing info, unexplained gaps in the budget and exhibit no reflection
  • Overdue CBF grant reports means no future grant payments can be made
  • Your grant reports don’t exist in a vacuum.  The data is used in many other forms of reporting and communications about our fantastic sector

For more information, visit the Grant Reports section of our website including FAQs, Reporting tips and Acknowledgment toolkit here.

About our grants  

We run two Content and Development & Operations  grant rounds each year, usually in January and July. 

Quick Response grants are also available outside our grant rounds for community media organisations that are experiencing emergencies.  

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