How CBF grants help in times of uncertainty 

February 22, 2022

Smiling man using the thumbs up sign in front of the Radio Adelaide branding

Sometimes the unthinkable or unexpected happens. That’s where our Quick Response Grants can help. Available all year round, these grants are specially designed to help community broadcasters remain on the air.  These are four of our Quick Response Grant recipients. 

Tjuma Pulka Media Aboriginal Corporation  

Tjuma Pulka Media Aboriginal Corporation is an essential First Nations radio service for the local Wongutha community in the remote Western Australian town of Kalgoorlie. The station is completely volunteer-run surviving on sponsorship, donations and grants. 

Late last year, Curtin University told the station they would need to find new premises and a new location was quickly found on the campus of Kalgoorlie TAFE. The unexpected move also presented an opportunity to fast-track the switch from analogue to digital setup which is far better suited to the remote location and can accommodate future expansion. Both the move to new premises and the digital infrastructure upgrade will provide greater future stability and resilience for Tjuma Pulka Media Aboriginal Corporation. 

CBF Quick Response Grant: $95,000 to cover the costs of an urgent move and digital upgrade.

Radio Adelaide 

Radio Adelaide is a community radio station heard across the metropolitan Adelaide area on 101.5FM. Each week the station produces over 120 hours of original and local content giving a voice to their diverse community. The station also provides training and industry experience to more than 200 aspiring producers annually. 

The station needed to relocate urgently after their agreement with the University of Adelaide to provide training to media students ended suddenly along with the option to renew a five-year tenancy agreement. The move to new premises will ensure the station is autonomous in future decision making, able to maintain a secure cash flow, and build assets and equity. In fact, this move is expected to save $30k per year in ongoing costs. 

CBF Quick Response Grant: $40,000 to cover the costs with an unexpected move. 

2CCB 1035FM Orange  

2CCB 1035FM Orange serves the New South Wales region of Orange and the Central West as a non-denominational, Christian FM station. The station broadcasts mainstream and Christian contemporary music, and entertaining shows across lifestyle, current-affairs and inspirational segments. 

1035FM Orange found themselves in need of support after water damage to their antenna and the equipment they share with 2OCB 107.5FM. The water damage resulted in 2CCB running at 25 percent power and 2OCB running at just 10 percent power for more than six months, which severely damaged signal capacity. The diminished signal capacity has had a negative impact on listenership and in turn the station’s sponsorship and fundraising activities. The station faced grave challenges in repairing the antenna including insurance confirming they would not provide cover for the damage. Fortunately, the CBF was able to help. 

CBF Quick Response Grant: $7,168 to repair their antenna and restore their signal. 

4DDD Dalby Broadcasting Association Inc (Western Downs Region Radio) 

 4DDD 89.9FM Dalby Broadcasting Association Inc (Western Downs Region Radio) is a completely volunteer-run station in Southern Queensland. After recently being forced to relocate the station, 4DDD were unable to relocate their antenna. Fortunately, the station found a transmission tower nearby and all seemed well. But the aerial at the site was water damaged and, after the moving costs, the station was left in need of urgent support. 

The water-damage meant the station was operating at 20% capacity and they risked losing their transmission signal altogether. Fortunately, CBF was able to assist with funding to keep this station broadcasting. 

CBF Quick Response Grant: $12,095 to replace their damaged antenna.

Photo: Radio Adelaide’s Chris C host of the show Yarnin’ Country

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We run two Content and Development & Operations grant rounds each year, usually in January and July.  

Quick Response Grants are also available outside our grant rounds for community media organisations that are experiencing emergencies.   

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