Explainer: what is ethnic funding?

March 28, 2023
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Each year the CBF receives specific funding from the Australian Government to support ethnic community media. This is called the Ethnic Community Broadcasting Fund. It covers the production of ethnic programs for local communities, establishing new programs for particular language groups and developing innovative projects that support culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

Ethnic funding is available through the CBF’s Specialist Radio Programming (SRP), Content and Development & Operations grants. If you meet the relevant eligibility requirements you can receive ethnic funding support through each of these grants.  Here’s what you need to know.

Ethnic funding and Specialist Radio Programming grants

Funding is available for stations that broadcast ethnic programs to a defined local ethnic community and also meet the SRP grants eligibility requirements (DOC, 57KB).

SRP grants are non-competitive, which means you will receive support as long as your program/s meet these requirements. Stations who apply for ethnic programs in an SRP grant are also eligible to receive ethnic funding support through CBF Development & Operations grants.

What can I apply for?

SRP grants support:

  • Items such as small equipment, subscriptions, music, local travel, program marketing and website costs, conferences, Outside Broadcast costs and program-specific training
  • Costs associated with applying for the grant, running meetings with specialist broadcasters and community consultancy fees.
    Explainer: CBF Specialist Radio Programming has more information about SRP grants and what you can apply for.

How do I apply?

Use the Specialist Radio Programming application form.

Ethnic funding and D&O grants

Funding is available for all, or part, of your D&O grant if your station has eligible ethnic programs in the same funding period.

To access ethnic funding as part of your D&O application, you must also complete the SRP application form. This ensures your application will also be considered for funding through the dedicated Ethnic Community Broadcasting Fund.

What can I apply for?

D&O grants can support:

activities including strategic planning, updating policies and processes, training, business development, marketing, events
infrastructure including production/transmission/administration equipment, website/software development, solar panels, capital works
operations including salaries, utilities, administration, professional development.

How do I apply?

Use the D&O application form AND the SRP application form.

Ethnic funding and Content grants

Funding is available for all, or part, of your Content grant if you are an ethnic licensed station or your application includes content relevant to culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

The guiding principles, approach and goals relating to content grants are outlined in our Supporting Content Framework.

What can I apply for?

Content grants can support costs directly associated with the development, production and distribution of a specific program or project, such as:

  • project-specific wage support for presenters, producers, cast, crew, project management, technicians
  • program-specific needs for research materials, music and copyright purchases, relevant project-specific insurance such as defamation insurance for a special broadcast event, travel, marketing, development resources, TV studio hire, venue hire, small equipment, equipment hire, catering, materials for set design, costumes and props, make-up, interpreters, subtitles and captioning, program specific training, phone/internet costs, program website costs, production support and facilities
  • organisational support includes administration costs for funded projects (up to $1,000 per project).

How do I apply?

Visit our Grants available page to confirm if our grants are currently open for applications. Apply using the Content grant application form.

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