Explainer: Aligning your outcomes to our grant category objectives

December 13, 2023

young man in bright red board shorts planking in the air and launching into the ocean before a cloudy bright blue sky

Grant category objectives 

The objectives of our Content grants are to support community media organisations to: 

  • Increase community participation and engagement in community media that is inclusive and accessible to all 
  • Amplify and reflect the voices, cultures and languages of Australia’s diverse communities 
  • Build audiences by supporting creativity, excellence and innovation in community media content production 
  • Expand partnerships to explore new forms of storytelling across topics and platforms 

The objectives of our Development & Operations grants are to support community media organisations to: 

  • Strengthen governance policies and practices that support longer term thinking 
  • Enhance capacity and capability that drives sustainability 
  • Increase resilience through preparations for unexpected change 
  • Deepen engagement with identified communities 
  • Expand partnerships to maximise opportunities 
  • Develop and embed inclusive and accessible practices 

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