We love hearing updates from the people and organisations receiving our grants. It helps us celebrate the many stories we help bring to life.

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Grant reporting requirements

The CBF is responsible for distributing funds from the Australian Government, funding organisations and donors. Our organisation prides itself on transparency, and as such, we accurately record how funds are used.

Grant report detail what happened with the proposed activity (successes, learnings, outcomes) and includes any information required by the special conditions of your grant agreement. You may be required to complete the following reporting:

  • Progress report (for grants requiring multiple payments) advising progress to date and earmarking any possible changes required
  • Finals report
  • An Auditor’s Financial Certificate (AFC) (for any grantee paid over $45,000 in a financial year) declaring that grant funds have been expended as per the approved grant budget in your grant agreement.
  • You must acknowledge the CBF’s financial support as detailed in our Acknowledgment Toolkit.

Your grant report helps us:

  • Demonstrate the value of the grants
  • Encourage other organisations to consider similar projects and funding opportunities
  • Accumulate case studies to support requests for more funding
  • Monitor and evaluate our grants

To complete your report online, visit SmartyGrants.

Six tips to master your Grant Progress Report!

Do you have a Grant Progress Report due? Progress Reports are a great opportunity to showcase your projects, share your plans and identify areas the CBF can help with.  Keep calm and follow these tips from our Grants Support Team!

Refer back to your Grant Agreement (and original application) to see what outcomes you planned to achieve.

Explain the progress of your project. Are there any changes? Have there been any unexpected challenges? Your Grant Progress Report is the perfect time to explain what’s working, what isn’t and how you’re achieving your goals.

Explain issues you may have delivering and request major variations to your project including changes to budgets or timeframes. Projects don’t always go as planned – we understand. Our Grants Support Team will follow up to confirm if your changes have been accepted or if we need additional information.

The budget! Explain in detail how you have used your grant funds so far. If there is more money to be spent in the latter half of your project, let us know.

Include photos – we love seeing how our grants enhance community media. Remember – ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’! We need high-resolution images (at least 1MB) featuring people. Please note the names of people featured (and also seek their permission) and if needed, credit the photographer. Help us promote the great work you’re doing.

Show how you’ve acknowledged us. Demonstrate your acknowledgments, or your plans and include any support material such as media articles, photos, ads, programs and written responses.

If you might have difficulty meeting our reporting requirements or need further advice or time, please contact us asap. Your next payment will not be available until the Grant Progress Report is submitted and accepted so invest the time needed in your Grant Progress Report. See FAQ: Why do I need to complete a Grant Progress Report? for more info.

Good luck and remember our Grants Support Team are here to help you!

Grant report timing

The due date of our grant report is included in your Grant Agreement or on the correspondence we forward with your grant payment remittance advice. Please notify the CBF in writing before the due date if you need an extension. If you are also providing an Auditor’s Financial Certificate, it must be completed within five months of the end of your financial year.

Refer to our Grant report FAQs and Managing your Grant for more information.

Grant report photos

We love seeing how our grants enhance community broadcasting. When you report back to us, photos are an easy and effective way of showing how the money we give you is making a difference. Remember – ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’!

What we need

We enjoy sharing the success of your station on our social pages, website and sometimes even our Annual Report. Here are tips to ensure your photos are suitable.

  • If using a mobile phone, ensure the resolution is set to the highest setting.
  • Resolution minimum 1MB, maximum 20MB.
  • Feature people where possible. Even if it’s a piece of broadcast equipment – including the face of a happy broadcaster brings a photo to life!
  • Please don’t submit fuzzy images.
  • Include the names of anyone featured in the file name e.g. John Smith, XXX FM.

Simple tips to enhance you photos

We understand capturing that perfect photo can be tricky. Learn more about taking great photos with some simple tips below.

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