Our investments in training enhance the skills and knowledge of community broadcasters to build a resilient future. 

Our long partnership with the Community Training Media Organisation (CMTO) ensures community media organisations and their teams can access high-quality accredited training and pathways courses to increase their knowledge and skills.  

Training for the future  

Last year in partnership with the CMTO, we delivered Accredited and Pathways training to 1,224 community media volunteers and employees from 164 stations and organisations.  Of the stations that engaged with the training, 58% were in rural, regional and remote areas and 15% supported Ethnic (3%), First Nations (7%) and RPH (5%) communities.  

Training included: 

  • 705 National Training Program places in broadcast media production and presentation and management skills
  • 519 Leadership and Enterprise Development Program places in governance, strategic planning, management and emergency preparedness. 

Shaping leaders of tomorrow 

TAKE IT ON Leadership Strengths Workshop with The NonProfit Alliance in Sydney.

The Leadership and Enterprise Training program was established to improve business, leadership, management and social enterprise skills for community media volunteers and paid workers. This program: 

  • Created 1,218 new leadership and enterprise training places for 220 community media organisations.
  • Delivered leadership and enterprise skills workshops for 624 people.
  • Ran six customised workshops at national and regional conferences/summits. 
  • Expanded delivery partnerships to include Urban Village Media, Griffith University, First Nations Media Australia, Goolarri Media, National Ethnic & Multicultural Broadcasters’ Council, and Vision Australia. 
  • Delivered the THINK BIG Online Learning & Mentoring 12-week course and TAKE IT ON series of professional development workshops to 242 people (including the group featured left).
    Take it On Leadership & Professional Development

Empowering with radio training

Afghan women in training session at Casey Radio

We invest in training to build upon the knowledge and expertise of broadcasters, which in turn helps to build thriving and resilient organisations.  The team at Casey Radio embraced a collaborative training session of the National Ethnic and Multicultural Broadcasters’ Council (NEMBC) teamed up with the CMTO to deliver a series of multimedia and content creation training to linguistically diverse media makers from new and emerging communities in Australia.

The courses provided hands-on training in audio and video radio production, media law, codes of practice, presentation techniques, social media, multimedia distribution and program development. It was particularly targeted at women and young people from Africa and Afghanistan whose lives have been profoundly disrupted by war and social upheaval in their home countries. A total of 63 Afghan and African women and young people participated in the training. As part of this project the NEMBC worked closely with local community groups Community Four, Afri-Aus Care’s African Mama’s group, and the Afghan Women’s Group. They are also working with other local organisations, such as the North Melbourne Public Housing Estate on the Paving the Way Forward Program, to develop radio programs and podcasts for and by African women and young people. This included developing online radio streaming to share information between housing estates, as well as working with the Ubuntu Project, a youth-led community organisation supporting the creation of creative hubs in the area.

Our training partner:

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