7 signs of strong Content Grant Applications

February 15, 2022

A man in a radio studio

Strong Content grant applications tend to have the same consistent characteristics. Here are the top seven that are common across all successful CBF  applications. 

1. Strong ideas

Successful applications have strong engaging ideas that present opportunities for programs to build on existing successful content from stations. For example, seeking funding for a new season of a podcast or television show that has a track record of success through awards, community engagement or benefits to the community. 

2. SMART goals

High scoring applications clearly show that the project’s goals are SMART (specific, measurable, achievable and relevant). These applications describe how you will know the project has achieved its goals with specific and appropriate measures of success. These measures demonstrate the impact of the program or project on their communities. 

3. Value for money

Strong applications have a clearly demonstrated ‘value for money’ budget that is in line with expectations of the content output. This includes a good mix of funding from other sources, evidence of your station seeking sponsorship, demonstration of the viability and longevity of the program rather than just relying on grant funds, and a showing that people will be appropriately paid for their time. 

4. Evidence

Providing evidence that your project or program idea is valuable is critical to the success of your application. A  proof of concept that demonstrates the production values, the style of the program and what content it will cover helps CBF Grant Assessors understand what you are planning to produce.  Evidence could also include a previous content sample or a pilot.  

5. Demonstrated diversity

Strong applications  show that the people involved in the project come from diverse backgrounds and have appropriate knowledge and skills to carry out the proposed project. Providing clear responses to the gender equity questions in the CBF Content grant application form is also important.

6. Plans for multi-platform distribution

Provide a plan of how you will share your program across a variety of media platforms. This could be on a podcast platform, via a website or streaming service, on air, or syndicated to other stations or community networks. You should also briefly outline how you will let people know about the program, for example via social media, on-air cross promotions or the station’s website.

7. Training and mentoring opportunities

Strong Content grant applications include information that shows there are some clear mentoring and training opportunities for participants. This could include providing training to staff and volunteers to improve skills and knowledge both now and in the long-term.

Image: Dis and Dat host Mat Earley from 2BOB Radio 104.7FM. The Dis and Dat program is a Content grant recipient.

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