A move to secure future transmission sustainability

July 12, 2023
Woman with light hair wearing a white skivvy in the broadcast studio talking to a man in a black coat and flat cap in front of mixing console

5MBS 99.9FM is a proudly independent, grass-roots station dedicated to broadcasting uninterrupted classical, jazz, blues, and world music across the Kaurna lands of Adelaide metropolitan area on the FM band and is delivered by a passionate group of volunteers.

With recent encroaching building developments close to 5MBS’s transmission antenna, the station was at risk of violating radiation exposure standards in the CBD and transmitting a reduced broadcast signal due to coverage issues.

A Development & Operations grant enabled 5MBS to successfully relocate their transmitter from Adelaide CBD to Belair.  The new site is about 300m higher than their previous CBD site and is clear of obstructions. The higher location has also meant improved energy consumption and electrical efficiency based on more modern and reliable equipment.  5MBS now have several backup solutions as the new transmitter can be controlled remotely.  To top it all off, the risk of radiation exposure at the new site is nil and improved broadcast coverage has resulted in an increase in listeners.

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Photo: Emily Sutherland talking to Anthony Leppa on Kaleidoscope Arts Magazine program on 5MBS