Roadmap 2033 has commenced!

March 16, 2023

Roadmap 2033 is a project to provide a long-term vision for community broadcasting in Australia. The project is being jointly sponsored by the Community Broadcasting Foundation and the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia.

Roadmap 2033 will define our shared goals and will show the steps we need to take, and the milestones we need to meet, in order to achieve outcomes we want to see for the sector and our communities. Roadmap 2033 will also serve as a communication tool – a high-level document that helps articulate our strategic thinking. It will be developed by the sector for the sector.

The development of Roadmap 2033 has now commenced and you find out more by visit the project website. Be sure to subscribe for updates to receive the latest news and information about ways you can get involved.

The process to develop the roadmap is being facilitated by for-purpose consultancy, THINK: Insight & Advice led by Randall Pearce and will involve extensive consultation with sector stakeholders. THINK have undertaken an environmental scan looking at the local and global trends that influence the external environment we operate in. They have also undertaken analysis of data and research to more deeply understand the sector and identify suitable benchmarks for any targets.