Welcome to our new Grant assessors!

February 19, 2024
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A warm welcome to the newest members of our Grant Assessor Team!

We have had a record intake of 43 new assessors to the team.  The CBF’s commitment to diversity and inclusion means that we are proud of achieving a highly diverse cohort in our intake of volunteers.  Of our 43 new assessors –
15 identify as being from a culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) background,  24 identify as female or gender diverse and 19 assessors are from regional or remote areas.

Our new assessors also bring a wide range of skills and experience from across the community broadcasting sector, with 18 assessors having skills or experience in video/TV,  22 in studio technology, 21 in station management and 21 with training experience.

Welcome to:

Aaron Brown
Adnan Habib
Amarjit Gill
Ann Morris
Bill Park
Cassandra Nguyen
Colin Baleswski
Craig Garrett
David Hughes
Demi Williams
Duane Zigliotto
Ella-Rose Chanel
Grace Cunningham
Grace Valerie-Lynette
Jack Manning
James Galvin
Jenny Anderson
John Chu
John Drazen Sipek
Jonathan Shar
Kathryn Gene
Kunle Ola
Louise Martin-Litchfield
Nat Grant
Nigel Green
Nisha Thapliyal
Paula Kruger
Pradeep Timalsina
Rasela Torise
Ren Cuttriss
Robert Wood
Rowena McGeoch
Ryan Alexander
Sahana Sehgal
Sally Kingi
Steph Riddell
Stuart McPhee
Tanya Ali
Tiff Stodart
Trevor Maher
Veronica Hall
Warren Masilamony
Yvonne Coffey


Once they’ve all completed their induction and training, our new assessors will be ready to review the next round of grant applications.  We asked some of our new recruits what motivated them to get involved. Here’s what they said…

“I believe the community media sector is ground zero for supporting and growing new, diverse and compelling voices, I want to continue to play my part in that evolution.” – Jack Manning

“Being an assessor would give me the honour to be able to evaluate the stations more objectively and the opportunity to enhance my own knowledge and experience while doing so.” – Adnan Habib

“I am incredibly passionate about supporting and strengthening community-based initiatives, and being a Community Broadcasting Foundation (CBF) grant assessor would allow me to actively contribute to this mission…Additionally, being a grant assessor would allow me to continuously learn and expand my knowledge in community broadcasting.” – Ella-Rose Chanel

“Assessors get to meet new people and work with learners from all walks of life.” – Sally Kingi

Interested in joining our Grant Assessor Team?

If you’re looking for a way to give back to community broadcasting, then why not join our Grant Assessor Team.