Welcome to our New Board Observer, Roya Arya!

February 5, 2024
Woman with dark eyes and dark hair in a mock neck long sleeve smiling in front of a men chalk board and a plant

We are delighted to welcome Roya Arya to the CBF Board for 12 months as a Board Observer, under The Observership Program.

The CBF is participating in The Observership Program for a third year – a program that facilitates the involvement of young, talented and energetic individuals in a structured experience on non-profit Boards.  The program aims to develop the skills and experience of individuals to pursue leadership roles in the non-profit sector and wider community.

Roya Arya is a dedicated professional with a passion for education and empowering others.  With a background in teaching and financial planning, Roya currently serves as an Education Specialist at a prominent educational institution.  She has made significant contributions to curriculum development and innovative teaching methodologies.  Alongside her professional pursuits, Roya is actively involved in the not-for-profit sector, volunteering her time and expertise to support community initiatives focused on education and women’s empowerment.  In her free time, Roya enjoys exploring the outdoors, practicing yoga, and immersing herself in literature and the arts.

Roya’s life journey has been marked by diversity and change.  Born in Iran, she travelled and lived across the Middle East as a young girl.  Roya brings a unique global perspective to her work and interactions.  Over the last decade, she has called Australia home, residing in three different states and gaining valuable experiences in various industries.

Welcome aboard Roya, we look forward to working with you!