Nominations Advisory Group

Our Nominations Advisory Group ensures there is independent, sector-based input into the CBF’s volunteer appointment process through the national Sector Representative Organisations (SRO).

The Group provides advice to the CBF Board on the appointments to the Board, Sector Investment Advisory Committee (SIAC), Grants Advisory Committees and our team of volunteer Grant Assessors.

The Nominations Advisory Group is comprised of national sector representative organisations. The Group is convened by the CBF President or Vice-President.

Roles and responsibilities

The Nominations Advisory Group is responsible for the following:

  • Providing independent, informed advice on appointments of volunteers
  • Assessing nominations for consideration by the CBF Board
  • Keeping abreast of current and emerging issues, policy and practice relating to the media industry, with a particular focus on developments relating to community media
  • Contributing to reviews of the effectiveness of the appointment process
  • Advising on any suggested improvements to the nomination and appointment process.

Nominations assessment criteria

The following criteria is used by the Nominations Advisory Group to assess nominations from individuals wishing to join the CBF Board, Grants Advisory Committees and Grant Assessor Team:

  • Skills: The nominee demonstrates appropriate skills for the role, including specialist knowledge, as detailed in the skills matrices.
  • Attributes: The nominee demonstrates qualities that would be beneficial to the work of the CBF Board, Committees or Assessor Team, including a commitment to fair, ethical and transparent processes, hard-worker, ability to make difficult decisions, collaborator, ability to contribute insight, creative ideas and devise innovative solutions to problems, analytical skills, attention to detail, a commitment to the values of community broadcasting.
  • Experience: The nominee demonstrates relevant experience in a similar role, experience at a community radio or TV station, a broad understanding of the media industry, experience writing or assessing grants.
  • Other: The nominee has sufficient time to participate, and regular online access.