New C44 web series explores the gender narrative

June 10, 2020

Colour photo of Amelia Veale smiling at the camera

Transcending The Gender Narrative is an 8-part web series that investigates how we can move beyond existing gender stereoptypes. The series features interviews with women working in typically male dominated industries, as well as insights from the men who support and champion women as leaders.

It explores the idea that while gender stereotypes, and the limitations they place on both women and men, still exist, its time to change the narrative.

The series offers a range of viewpoints from women, men, youth and people from different cultural backgrounds who are championing diversity and equality. The project investigates how we can shift our conversations from an us/them or he /she perspective to an inclusive approach where getting the best fit for a role is what counts, not your gender.

The series will be broadcast on C44 from Thursday 11 June, 2020. The videos will also be available on the Transcending the Gender Narrative website.

Our support for the Transcending The Gender Narrative  series through a CBF content grant has provided the opportunity for real-life stories about gender equality and diversity to be told. The series is one of many initiates that align with our commitment to gender-wise grantmaking.

The series is hosted by Amelia Veale who also produces Be the Drop podcast which investigates storytelling in the digital world. In 2019 Jon King from the grant support team was interviewed by Amelia about how the CBF helps community media to share authentic Australian stories.