Track your grant application with SmartyFile

January 17, 2024
Chalk text on a blackboard that reads Did you know about smartyfiles

Did you know that you can now track the status of your CBF grant application?   If you have registered for SmartyFile you will now be able to see where each of your applications are in the stages of the grant process when you login. This will be helpful for keeping track of which applications have been successful and whether associated reporting has been completed. 

What is SmartyFile? 

SmartyFile is a free data repository and can make applying for CBF grants through SmartyGrants easier and more streamlined.  

To get started, create a profile for your organisation, add your team members or collaborators, assign them each a role, collaborate with your team on submissions across multiple funders, and view all your submissions in the one spot.  Concerned about security? You also have the option to enable multi-factor authentication for anyone logging into your organisation profile.  As an added bonus – when completing a submission through SmartyGrants you can also pre-fill information from your organisation profile – bonus! 

If you opt in and sign up for SmartyFile you’ll also be able to: 

  • delete unsubmitted applications 
  • archive applications 
  • sort applications by due date, application number, round, project title, submitted date or status 
  • search with basic and advanced options 
  • minimise or expand an application to view related forms 

SmartyFile is an optional improvement offered by SmartyGrants and not compulsory when applying for CBF grants but we do recommend it to save you time and get better organised.  Find out more about SmartyFile here. 

How to track your grant application(s) 

To view the status of your applications go to ‘My Submissions’, click on the Application ID in the list and the stage will be listed as one of the following: 

  • Application received – This is the initial stage your application will enter upon submission and where it will be pre-processed by the Grants Support Team
  • Assessment in progress – Following pre-processing all competitive grant applications will be assessed by the Grants Advisory Committee and Assessor Team
  • Approved – All successful grants will stay in this stage until the reporting is complete or acquitted
  • Unsuccessful -If using SmartyFile you may wish to archive all unsuccessful grants
  • Completed – Applications in this stage have all reporting completed. You may also wish to archive these