Development & Operations grant applications – our tips!

February 21, 2022

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Our Development & Operations grants support community media organisations to be healthy, resilient and robust. This year, as we all continue to recover from the impacts of a pandemic,  funding for transmission, relocation and other costs that keep stations broadcasting remain as critical as ever. 

Our Grants Support Team have put together a list of tips that are commonly seen in winning grant applications. 

1. Clearly describe the need (problem and solution)

The most successful Development & Operations grant applications include a clear description of the immediate need for the request. Explain why your project needs funding now – identify what the problem is and how your project or the will funding help. This includes how issues with technical equipment came about, how often it is causing a problem, as well as the impact on the community. A description of your station’s standing in the community is helpful here as well. 

2. Show a forward-thinking approach

Initiatives that promote the sustainability of the organisation are always looked on favourably by our assessors and committees, especially any that are building a strong and resilient station. For example, installing solar panels to reduce long-term costs, providing training in governance and strategy, updating station accessibility, or employing someone to develop a long term strategy for community engagement. 

3. Include images – a picture tells 1000 words

Give your application the best opportunity to be successful by adding photos and diagrams which can help assessors better understand your grant request. Ensure you provide enough visuals to communicate the importance of your project.

4. Create a clear budget

The budget requested should clearly show how the outcomes are providing value-for-money. It’s also important to demonstrate how your organisation is contributing to the budget – even if there is limited revenue. This might be through sponsorship, savings, partnerships, etc. 

5. Highlight your strong team

A high-scoring application will not only demonstrate your thorough planning. An important part of any project is having the right people to do the work. Showing that you have a strong team of appropriately-skilled people who are involved in the organisation and on the project is important. It clearly shows that you know what you need and who should be involved.

6. Emphasise the positive impacts

Your application needs to show how being funded will positively impact the community your station serves. It also needs to show how this request will meet the station’s strategic goals. List the different ways that the funding will make a difference to your community and station.

Need help with your application?

Our Grant Support Team are here to help so please reach out to chat.  Our Frequently Asked Questions also have lots of useful information that may help you prepare your application. You may also find inspiration from other organisations who have successfully received grants to fund their projects.

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