Flunk – teen drama series

October 1, 2020

Kelise Adelaide and Lin Yin smiling and patting a tabby cat

Flunk is a short-form scripted teen drama web series set in Lilydale, an outer suburb of Melbourne, Victoria. It follows shy 16 year old Ingrid, played by Jessica Li, as she starts to explore her sexuality.

The series deals with a range of issues affecting LGBTQI+ young people including sexuality, identity, drug and alcohol use and homelessness.

Shot in a gritty, handheld style with improvised dialogue, Flunk has attracted a passionate international fan base, with over 38 million views in Australia and overseas, spurring merchandise sales and fan art.

We supported the series with a $20K Content grant which was also supplemented by $10K from the producer.

We’re proud to support this program for the following reasons:

  • the involvement of women, young people, LGBTIQ+ people, culturally and linguistically diverse people in key cast and crew roles
  • accurate reflection of the chaotic environment teenagers face every day in our society
  • effective use of storytelling and platforms to best reach the target audience.

Season 1 was broadcast on C31 Melbourne and Geelong earlier this year. The complete season 2 is free and now screening on the Flunk website.

Image: Kelise Adelaide, Lin Yin and Felix the cat filming at the RSPCA in Burwood East.