‘Sounds Of Your Town’ shares 40 years of Broadcasting History

June 6, 2023

Digital banner promoting radio documentary series called Sounds of Your Town with Triple T logo and sponsorship logos against a white background and orange ribbon like patterns behind the text

Journey into the heart of Townsville community radio and the untold stories of one of Queensland’s oldest station 103.9 Triple T FM with ‘Sounds of Your Town’!

Hosted by community radio researcher, Dr Bridget Backhaus, ‘Sounds of Your Town’ is a ten-episode radio documentary series illuminating the extraordinary history of Triple T and the individuals who made it a beacon of community broadcasting.

From almost blowing up the ABC’s tower on Mount Stuart to working the panel with Mr T the station cat, each episode explores the weird and wonderful stories of Triple T’s 40-year history.  The series also traces back to the obstacles faced by the station in its early beginnings in trying to secure its place on the airwaves – from the hundreds of kilos of paperwork and a bunch of coconuts sent to the Minister in Canberra at the time.

Through interviews and storytelling, the docu-series celebrates the profound impact of regional community radio and pays homage to the dedicated individuals who have shaped Triple T FM into the beloved institution it is today.

‘Sounds of Your Town’ airs every Tuesday at 10.30am on  Triple T 103.9 FM and is available on-demand at  www.triplet.com.au/ as well as via the Community Radio Network.