Connecting through QNews radio reading

December 18, 2018
Two vision impaired men in studio smiling

The team of volunteers at Radio 4RPH are the voices bringing news, conversations and connection into people’s lives by reading publications on-air. Their radio reading programs assist the almost one in six Australians who live with a print disability.

Station Manager Scott Black, whose role is supported by a CBF grant, saw a gap in their programming mix – sharing information specifically relevant to people with a print disability who identify as LGBTIQ+.

People identifying as LGBTIQ+ face a higher risk of social isolation and mental ill health*, and these challenges are compounded if they also have a print disability.

In accordance with their Strategic Plan to diversify content and with Scott’s support, station volunteer Brad McKenzie launched the first RPH program in Australia to engage those identifying as LGBTIQ+. During his program, he reads articles from Queensland’s largest source of information for the LGBTIQ+ community, QNews Magazine.

By bringing LGBTIQ+ people together over the airwaves, the QNews Program is helping to create connection and celebrate diversity, which can be life-changing.

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Featured above are Paul Price and Steve Sparrow, broadcasters from 4RPH.