Helping stations reach audiences anywhere, anytime

May 4, 2021

Young woman with headphones looking at her phone

An important part of our work is investing in activities that will ensure community broadcasters have the infrastructure needed to build a thriving and sustainable future.

As well as helping local stations now through our grants, we also work closely with community broadcasting sector organisations to better understand the sector’s emerging needs and where to target funding that will have the most impact on the future of community media.

One critical area we’ve identified in recent years is improving community radio stations’ ability to reach their audiences via multiple platforms – this is what listeners expect, no matter where they live, the time of day or preferred device.

The Multiplatform Delivery Project will provide community media audiences with seamless, personalised digital experiences allowing them to access and engage with their favourite content on more platforms, formats and devices than ever before.

Importantly, this project will build online and digital capacity at community radio stations across Australia ensuring they have ready access to the tools and data that will help them reach and build their online audiences, streamline station operations and increase online income.

In early 2020, we awarded this four-year project to the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) who have partnered with audio and app integration technology companies Triton Digital and All in Media.

Over the next three years, the CBAA will develop technology that allows radio stations to:

  • provide 24/7 online audio streaming, audio-on-demand and podcasts via websites, mobile devices, car radio apps and smart speakers
  • add metadata to a customised dashboard to ensure logos and station details are readily available and easily discovered on the multiple devices and platforms, and in google search
  • view and analyse data to better understand how, where and when audiences are accessing and interacting with content, and which platforms and devices they are using
  • increase income through monetisation of online content
  • access training, education and support to increase the staff and volunteer skill and knowledge of the technology and its possibilities.

This transformative project will bring many benefits to the community media sector including increasing the sector’s ability to respond more easily to future developments relating to multiplatform content distribution. It will also mean that stations are better able to keep pace with the ever-evolving changes to digital technologies and audience expectations.

We’ll continue to update you on progress as this project is rolled out over the next couple of years.