Guide to wage rates

March 21, 2023
Two hands holding hessian bag with dollar sign printed on outside

When preparing your application for a staffing position, you’ll need to calculate a proposed wage. The following wage rates are considered reasonable by the Community Broadcasting Foundation. They are based on casual or short-term contract positions working in the roles mentioned.

If your organisation is considering longer-term employment contracts, we recommend you seek qualified human resources and legal advice in developing your own employment agreement covering pay, working arrangements, leave, other entitlements and redundancy.

In your grant application, you should explain how your employee’s experience warrants the budgeted wage rate, whether that be based on one of these suggestions, your organisation’s own employment agreement or an appropriate award.

Management and operational rolesContent roles
  • Administration = $35ph
  • Sales = $40ph
  • Technologists = $40ph
  • Community engagement = $40ph
  • Management = $45ph
  • Senior management = $50ph
  • Journalist/Presenter/Producer/crew = $35ph
  • Senior Journalist/Presenter/Producer/crew = $40ph
  • Editor/Director/Executive/Producer = $45ph
  • Senior Editor/Director/Executive Producer = $50ph

On-costs (superannuation, workers compensation, allowances, etc.) should be allowed for in addition to these wage rates.

For more information the CBAA has published an article on Employing Staff – Regulatory Considerations with links to other resources including relevant awards. Also review our other Financial Resources.