Farewell to our departing SIAC members

January 24, 2024
A mosaic made up of six portraits of individuals featuring the faces of four women and two men

As the year begins, we give a heartfelt farewell to our departing members on the Sector Investment Advisory Committee (SIAC):  Esther Pearce *, Evrim Şen*, Cameron Paine*, Geoff PayneKaren Paterson and Libby Jamieson*.

Esther Pearce & Evrim Şen have been members of SIAC since 2023 and Libby Jamieson since 2022.  We recognise the incredible knowledge and expertise they have respectively brought to SIAC and in particular, their outstanding commitment in undertaking linked roles across two advisory committees and/or the Board – and the additional responsibilities that have come with these roles.  A huge thanks to Esther, our diligent and nurturing Chairperson, for always ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to make a contribution and for addressing all the issues at hand, with her eye for detail and thoughtful consideration.

Cameron Paine has been a member of SIAC since its inception in 2016. Cam has brought his second-to-none expert technical nous to SIAC from his work as Technology Manager at 3RRR and other Melbourne stations as well as being Chair of the Melbourne Digital Representative Company, which has been crucial to consideration of technological advances in the sector. Cam has a great brain for strategic thinking and discussion that explores all the avenues! His insights into a sector that owes a lot to him for his passionate involvement over many years will be missed. Thank you Cam and congratulations on reaching a maximum three terms of service on the committee – a remarkable milestone!

Geoff Payne is a longstanding CBF champion volunteer.  He joined SIAC in 2017 but prior to that, Geoff was a CBF Board member for almost 10 years in addition to sitting on various other CBF committees.  Bringing insights from his experience at Vision Australia and the Board of RPH Australia to all of his CBF roles, Geoff’s fastidiousness through his work in managing systems and planning has been an asset for SIAC.  Geoff does not just cross t’s and dot i’s – he has also been a voice of reason, a deep thinker on the committee and a part of many robust discussions. Thank you Geoff! The CBF owes much to you for your many years of work and congratulations on reaching a maximum three terms of service on SIAC.

Karen Paterson has been a member of SIAC since 2021 and prior to that, a member of our Development & Operations Grants Advisory Committee (DOGAC) for two years.  Karen has brought her wealth of insights from the First Nations media sector in particular through her work at BIMA (4AAA), NIRS and FNMA.  She has made a significant contribution to the CBF and the sector, including contributing to the development of our 2021 strategic plan and to and we thank her for her measured, considered approach to decision-making!


* Libby Jamieson will continue as Chairperson of the Content Grants Advisory Committee (CGAC) and Evrim Şen as Chairperson of the Development & Operations Grants Advisory Committee (DOGAC). Cameron Paine has been appointed to the DOGAC. Esther has also retiring as Vice President & Independent Director on the CBF Board.