Farewell to our departing CGAC members

January 31, 2024

We farewell and give our immense thanks to the departing members of our Content Grant Advisory Committee (CGAC):  Wayne Bynder, Shane Dunlop and Rob Meaton.

Our CGAC reviews the recommendations of Grant Assessors and evaluates which applications should receive funding to support content development.  As members of the committee, Wayne, Shane & Rob have played an integral part on several CBF projects. Their involvement in the review of the CGAC Evaluation Framework ensured that it appropriately reflected CBF’s outcomes-based reporting framework and the priorities identified by the committee at Station Resilience Review workshops in 2022.  Their support for the revised Specialist Radio Programming Guidelines have contributed to improvements to the grants application process and greater accessibility for all applicants.  In 2023, Wayne, Shane & Rob also participated in further updates to the committee’s Evaluation Framework to incorporate the strategic priorities of the Roadmap 2033 and updates to CBF’s Strategic Plan.

Wayne Bynder

Wayne Bynder was first appointed to the CGAC in 2020.  With a career spanning over 40 years in community broadcasting, Wayne’s skills and experience has been a guiding force for the committee and highly valued.  Wayne began his career in community radio at 6NR in the late 1970s, and went on to work as a station manager, broadcaster and teacher in Perth and remote regional areas of the Kimberley and Northern Territory.  He was a station manager and presenter at Noongar Radio, a former ABC radio broadcaster, and he also managed Fitzroy Crossing’s Wangki Radio and helped establish Waringarri Radio.  Amongst his cherished contributions on the CGAC and to the sector, includes his expertise in First Nations programming in metropolitan, regional and remote stations – in particular, in storytelling, events and outside broadcasts.  Thank you, Wayne!

Shane Dunlop

Shane Dunlop was first appointed to CGAC in 2016 and has served the maximum three terms over seven and a half years.  As General Manager of Melbourne’s iconic C31 and President of the Australian Community Television Alliance (ACTA), Shane’s experience and expertise at the coal face of our community TV sector has been invaluable to the committee.  He has also been an absolutely untiring advocate for keeping community TV on air.  We are grateful that Shane has still been able to volunteer with us, despite the breadth of his other commitments.  From his long-term involvement in community media, Shane has brought significant insights to CGAC from not just TV but community radio as well.  He has also earned quite a reputation as the quickest assessor on the team.  Thank you, Shane!

Rob Meaton

Rob Meaton was first appointed to CGAC in 2016, where he has served a maximum of three terms over seven and a half years.  With over 33 years experience in programming, presentation, production, news and current affairs, Rob’s knowledge and skills have been a treasured asset to the committee.  He was a founding member of 2BOB in Manning Valley on Biripi Nation, New South Wales, where he now presents the breakfast show and one of the station’s flagship programs ‘World Beat’.  Rob has also served on the CBAA’s Community Radio Network Advisory Committee.  Amongst Rob’s most memorable contributions to the CGAC is his ability to provide deep insight into what it is like for regional stations on the ground and the importance of community and connection for those stations.  In considering content grants Rob has always ‘kept things real’ for the committee by being a champion for content made by and for communities.  Thank you, Rob!

Volunteers sit at the very heart of the CBF’s work and we are beyond grateful to have had such a high calibre of legends on the CGAC.  Thank you Wayne, Shane and Rob!