Building community through video storytelling

July 23, 2020

Community builder team on location in playgroundwith camera and viewfinder in foreground
Community Builder is Channel 31 Melbourne and Geelong’s social enterprise dedicated to providing storytelling, video production and digital marketing services for not-for-profits. It also provides on-the-job experience, training and employment opportunities for interns and volunteers who have the opportunity to work on real-world video projects.

Working alongside organisations that share C31’s values to amplify the voices of those in need, Community Builder is helping to shape public perceptions about disability, health, multicultural, youth and environmental causes.

Most recently the team at Community Builder worked with Launch Housing to create an engaging impact campaign to raise awareness of, and start a conversation about, the issues surrounding homelessness and navigating the mental health system.

Our multi-year funding allowed Community Builder to purchase an additional edit suite and employ a full-time Project Manager which has increased their capacity to attract and deliver more projects.

“With help from the CBF, we have been able to build an industry-standard professional video storytelling business that is holding its own in a market that is both competitive and crowded!”

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