‘Beats of Colours’ at IMFF 2023

August 28, 2023
Woman in black dress dancing with man in tuxedo while pianist is playing in the background

Congratulations to Cinespace Inc & Ver Mas Australia on their latest film ‘Beats of Colours’ which has been officially selected for this year’s International Multicultural Film Festival (IMFF) in Western Australia.

‘Beats of Colours’ is a 25 minute documentary which takes viewers on a journey through the sounds of Latin Classical and Tango music.   A  story of commitment and passion for the creative process – the film depicts the hardship that Hispanic music lovers faced during the pandemic, following the journeys of musicians, dancers, teachers and producers making their way back to performing again and their discovery of new ways of collaborating and making a living out of their passion.

‘Beats of Colours’ is a CBF funded project through the auspice of Cinespace Inc, a recipient of CBF’s Content Round 2 2021/22 grant.  CBF funding supported engagement of a sound recordist, professional sound mixer, music composer, and a producer for research and seeking crew and talent.  CBF funding also supported the hire of professional gear, lighting and microphones.

‘Beats of Colours’ will be screening at International Multicultural Film Festival at the State Library of Western Australia on 23 September 2023.

Photo:  ‘Beats of Colours’ directed by Pablo Castrillon.