3CR’s training and mentorship for new program teams & First Nations broadcasters

November 29, 2023
Five people standing on the street side by side in front of a rainbow float at an LGBTQI Pride Party

3CR is a Naarm/Melbourne-based station with a rich history of political and social activism.  Broadcasting since 1976, the station strives to provide a media space that enables progressive communities to voice their ideas and build their power to create social change.

Today 3CR presents over 120 radio programs weekly features 20 community language shows in 13 different languages and 10 hours of Indigenous programming.  The station is also known for its special broadcasts with a focus on social justice, human rights and issues that affect the Indigenous community, gender equality and workers’ rights.

3CR has been through many exciting changes lately with several new volunteers joining its community language teams and First Nations programming.  The station has welcomed the formation of new community language program teams as well as new broadcasters joining existing programs.   It follows that training and mentorship support for new recruits has been a high priority for 3CR.  ‘Training requires significant resources as we have had to provide both live and remote training, in addition to ongoing mentor support to achieve long-term outcomes.  CBF funding is essential to support this work’ shares station manager, Rachel Kirby.

The station has also faced recent challenges with members of its Indigenous program teams affected by severe chronic health issues.  The sudden passing of the late Viv Malo – one of 3CR’s important and beloved Indigenous broadcasters – also prompted plans for the station to recruit, train and support new Indigenous broadcasters, particularly younger community members and women.

Over the last two years, the station’s new program teams and First Nations broadcasters have received program-specific training as well as in social media and podcast production.  Training was also delivered to a cohort of young people from Eritrea who participated in a live studio broadcast of ‘Eritrean Voices’ this year – a longstanding program presenting Eritrean news, music and culture.  ‘Our Specialist Radio teams provide an essential connection for our station to the many diverse communities we represent’ says Rachel Kirby.

3CR is a recipient of our Round 1 Specialist Radio Programming Grant 2022/23.  CBF funding has supported volunteer training and mentoring, conference attendances as well as infrastructure and equipment for audio editing, subscriptions to ethnic newspapers, broadcasters’ meetings & travel expenses and other administrative costs.

CBF funding has also supported the production of several special and outside broadcasts this year including Survival Day, the International Women’s Day Street Party, May Day and a 12-hour special on the International Day of People with a Disability 2022 which examined the ways in which disabled people are habitually denied both rest and income, disabled Indigenous anti-capitalist futures and much more.

Tune into 3CR on 855AM, DAB+,  live-stream online or via the Community Radio Plus app.  3CR is also available on demand at 3cr.org.au with selected shows available via podcast.

[Photo:  3CR’s PX Whanau broadcast team at Pride Street Party Live Broadcast 2023]