Wonder Women

December 18, 2018
Woman wearing headphones smiling into camera in front of Bay FM sign

A bullied teen, an eco-warrior, a community activist and a pro surfer, ranging from 14 to 88 years old are all Byron Bay’s wonder women.

Wonder Women on BAY FM is podcast series where listeners hear inspiring stories of women in their local community.

Phoebe Angel, who featured in this podcast series, is a teenager who managed to overcome being bullied and now writes songs with lyrics inspired by her passions and perceptions of the world. She now stands up and speaks out through her music, connecting with others in the community who have experienced bullying.

Wonder Women amplifies independent voices by delving into topics that are seldom heard in mainstream media, including domestic violence, activism and perspectives of young First Nations people.

The CBF grant for this project helped underrepresented women have their voices heard, inspiring others in the community to speak up and share their own unique experiences of their different life journeys.

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Image credit of Rachel Torise from Bay FM – Raegan Glazener.