Update: Deep Dive grants’ analysis

October 28, 2020

A deep diver wearing wetsuit, mask and flippers in a blue sea

Our deep-dive analysis of the first 2020/21 grant round and COVID-19 Crisis grant round, announced in late August, is nearing completion.

We started this process to help us gain a deeper understanding of how funding decisions were made for both grants, identify the factors that impacted on the process and, importantly, learn from this so we can improve what we do in future rounds.

Where are we up to?

So far, we’ve completed the following activities:

  • detailed analysis by our Support Team of the decision-making and grant application processes
  • review of the feedback received through our post-round applicant and assessor surveys
  • discussions with the CBF President and advisory committee Chairs to share insights and consider potential improvements in our decision-making processes.

We’ve also engaged David Melzer to conduct an independent analysis of the first 2020/21 grant round. He will look at the information and feedback gathered by the CBF team and also consult with key community broadcasting organisations.

David is a community radio veteran who is former station manager of 3YYR, 3MBS, 3ZZZ, and 6FX in Fitzroy Crossing, former President of the CBAA and former Vice President of the CBF.

Incorporating your feedback into our processes

While the deep-dive analysis is yet to be completed, we incorporated some of your feedback into the second COVID-19 Crisis Grant. This included further simplifying the application process by reducing the amount of information you needed to provide and adjusting the assessment formula.

David’s report, along with our own findings, will help to inform further improvements in future grants rounds. David will deliver his report in the coming weeks.

Image: by Pia from Pexels

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