Progress Report tips

March 21, 2023
Mac laptop on timber bench. Laptop has SmartyGrants open on screen and a coffee sits beside the computer.

When you are awarded a grant, you may be asked to submit a Progress Report. Progress Reports are a great opportunity to showcase your projects, share your plans and identify areas the CBF can help with.  Keep calm and follow these tips from our Grants Support Team!

  • Refer back to your Grant Agreement (and original application) to see what outcomes you planned to achieve to make sure you’re heading in the right direction.
  • Do you need to change anything before it’s too late? We’d rather you identify any issues you may have in completing the project on time, within budget and to the full extent of the outcomes we’ve agreed to now, rather than in the Final Report when it’s too late.
  • Are you doing something worth promoting? Your Progress Report includes an optional section where you can suggest an idea for a story for the CBF website, newsletter and social media. And make sure you have some great photos and links to any media stories and your content to go with the story.
  • The budget! Explain in detail how you have used your grant funds so far

Need an extension?

If you think you might have difficulty meeting our reporting requirements or need further advice or time, please contact the Grants Support Team as soon as possible. Your next payment will not be available until the Progress Report is submitted and accepted, so get in touch if you need help. Have a read or our FAQ: Why do I need to complete a Progress Report? for more information about why your Progress Report is important.

Good luck and remember we’re here to help you!

Complete your Progress Report online.