Building skills for a strong and thriving sector

March 22, 2022

Participants wearing headphones in CMTO training 2019

A core part of the CBF’s work is supporting sector-wide initiatives to build a strong and thriving future for community media. We do this by investing in a range of strategic projects that foster long-term resilience, develop cost-effective centralised solutions for the sector, and provide high-quality training to address skill shortages and increase knowledge.

Since 2010, our partnership with the Community Media Training Organisation (CMTO) has seen thousands of people from the sector participate in a range of accredited and pathways media training programs, as well as mentoring and professional development opportunities. A particular focus has been to provide training in remote and regional areas, and addressing the specific needs of ethnic, First Nations and RPH broadcasters.

In recent years, we identified the need to develop community broadcaster’s leadership and business skills. Community broadcasters are often so busy ‘doing’ the broadcasting that it can be difficult to find the time to reflect on their strengths and opportunities for growth.

The CMTO’s Leadership and Enterprise training and mentoring program, launched in 2020, builds the foundational skills of community media volunteers and workers in the business of running a station. These include sponsorship, fundraising, governance, leadership and volunteer management. It also offers individual learning opportunities where participants can reflect on their existing skills and access more flexible targeted mentoring and professional development.

The program draws on industry best practice and the leadership, management and enterprise skills from across the creative industries and not-for-profit sectors, including valuable cross-sector partnerships with Our Community, the NonProfit Alliance and others.

Our support for programs like these are helping foster leadership and business management skills in stations across the country which in turn helps create stronger, more resilient stations that are deeply embedded in, and connected to, their communities.

“This course is truly a gift. All of the information was timely, relevant and engaging, with all presenters bringing their experience and unique community radio perspective to each of the learnings. It was great to feel supported in the sector and encouraged to dive further in.” – 2021 Leadership and Enterprise training program participant, 89.7 Eastside FM

Photo:  Participants in one of the CMTO’s training programs.

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