Creating connection

Community media creates connections, one broadcast at a time

Community media brings people together, provides an opportunity for social interaction, develops skills, improves confidence and encourages feelings of self-worth. Community media in its many forms has transformed the lives of many Australians, acting as a ‘social glue’. Those involved in making community media often describe their experience as joining a family. For those enjoying the content produced, they feel a part of something greater. Both feel they have found their tribe – they feel less alone.



My involvement in community radio has changed my life. I’ve made friends that I’ll have forever.
Syleste Molyneaux, Radio Skid Row



Community broadcasting is the perfect antidote to loneliness

Loneliness is more widespread and damaging than previously thought. One-third of Australians have experienced loneliness. For some, the personal costs can be devastating leading to depression, alcoholism and even suicide. Loneliness and social isolation have an equivalent threat to society as obesity, smoking 15 cigarettes a day or alcoholism.

With more than five million weekly listeners, “ broadcasting is perfectly placed to tackle the far-reaching social issue of loneliness” (Dr Simon Order, Joy of Social Connection). Drawing on the research of the Australia Institute, we believe that investing in real community connection through the power of community media can address loneliness.

Jeffrey Cullen - community broadcaster at Plenty Valley FM, in studio smiling at camera


Community radio saved my life. I have never felt so rewarded and proud.
Jeffrey Cullen, Plenty Valley FM



Your tax-deductible gift will help us better resource stations and media makers to address loneliness and disconnection in their community. You will help create opportunities for community engagement, and help people find their place to belong.

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