Spotlight On Grants webinar series

January 25, 2023

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SPOTLIGHT ON: Specialist Radio Programming grant program and Summary of Programs process

2-3pm, Tuesday 7 February 2023

Join Sheah Sutton to learn about updates to the Specialist Radio Programming funding application process. With time for questions, this webinar is ideal for stations who broadcast specialist radio programming, or are interested in starting specialist programming.

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 SPOTLIGHT ON: Answering Grant Objectives and Outcomes Measurement questions in Content and D&O grant applications 

2-3pm, Tuesday 14 February 2023

This webinar with Dean Linguey will provide an overview of D&O and Content grant application forms. It will guide you through how to plan and prepare, meet with your station about application planning and how to write a compelling application.

As well as allowing time for questions, the webinar will include how to identify a clear need, link the application form sections together, and how best to build on previous applications.

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SPOTLIGHT ON: Budget, timeline and gender questions

2-3pm, Thursday 16 February 2023

Find out which questions we get the most queries about and hear our tips on how to answer them well.  With time for questions, this webinar with Liz Landray will focus on grant application budgets, timelines and the Gender inclusion and equity questions.

You will hear about how to create a detailed and clear budget, calculating GST, providing supporting documents and quotes that match the budget items, and your multi-year grant budget.

This session will also provide some tips on the Gender inclusion and equity questions in our application forms. How to meet the requirements of the Community Radio Broadcasting Codes of Practice. Increasing the representation of women and gender diverse people at your station can bring different perspectives and diversify your audience.

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