Roadmap Update: We’re nearly there!

July 24, 2023
white logo that reads roadmap 2033 on a black background with yellow and red stick patterns

The community broadcasting sector Roadmap 2033 is completed and currently getting designed.

This is a landmark moment for our sector. It is the first time that a joint board meeting has been held with the CBF and the CBAA and it is the first time both organisations have endorsed, and committed themselves to achieving, a sector-wide vision and plan that has been co-designed by the sector.

Through consultation with stations, staff and volunteers, research and analysis, surveys, workshops, leadership forums and a sector congress, we have, over the last 10 months, brought the sector together with unprecedented unity to achieve a common sense of purpose.

We are working on the launch plan now and look forward to working with everyone in the sector to share the Roadmap and get to work achieving our shared Vision.