Request for proposal – Sector Roadmap

September 15, 2022

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We’re seeking proposals from consultants to work with us to develop the community broadcasting sector roadmap.

The consultants will deliver a national coordinated program of visioning, concept development, staged consultation and forums to engage the broader community broadcasting sector.

What is the sector roadmap?

The sector roadmap will provide strategic direction and priorities for the future development of the community broadcasting sector.

It is an opportunity to be a galvanising force that identifies, articulates and contextualises the sector’s values and beliefs, and refines the sector’s own narrative – how we talk about community broadcasting on air, to government and to ourselves – shifting the sector’s story from one of scarcity to one of impact.

Project brief

Community Broadcasting Sector Roadmap Project Brief ((PDF, 245KB)


Please email Jon Bisset: before Friday 30 September 2022 at midday (AEST).

Consultant FAQs

  1. Given the roadmap is intended to be designed and owned by the sector, is the CBF/CBAA open to a human-centred design/co-design approach?
    Yes, we are definitiely open to a human-centred design/co-design approach.
  2. How familiar is CBF/CBAA familiar with this methodology?
    The project control team has a reasonable level of familiarity with this methodology, although it’s only been used on a limited number of occasions within the sector.
  3. Does the CBF/CBAA feel this methodology is suited to a more traditional consultancy style approach is desired?
    We are open to working closely with the selected consultant on formulating the most appropriate approach.
  4. Is there a commitment to the engagement format, (e.g. everyone has the opportunity to participate in a focus group, interview and/or survey)?
    We’re open to working closely with the appointed consultant to formulate an approach to the consultation. We anticipate there will need to be a mix of interviews, focus groups to cover a cross-section of the sector, joint meeting(s) with the CBAA and CBF Boards and session(s) with the members of the Roundtable.
  5. What is the expected sample size for engagement? Does every licenced radio and television station need to be engaged through consultations or can it be with a smaller group with the larger cohort engaged via other lower-touch methods?
    We have not made any specific commitments relating to consultation, other than to the members of the Community Broadcasting Sector Roundtable who will be heavily involved. We anticipate working closely with the selected consultant to develop an appropriate process that uses a spectrum of consultation mechanisms from lower-touch to bringing groups together.
  6. Will consultation also extend to members of the communities served by the sector (e.g. First Nations people, CALD communities, educational services, faith-based communities, people with a print disability, music/arts/cultural services, youth/seniors communities, LGBTQI+ community)?
    We have not made any specific commitments to consultation  (see 4 and 5).
  7. Will consultation include Members of Parliament, ACMA and the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and Arts?
    It’s likely that the Michelle Rowland MP will be included, as well as ACMA and the Department.
  8. Is there a possibility that other stakeholder groups not mentioned in the original brief will need to be consulted? If so, is there potential for a project variation?
    Yes, it’s possible as the process develops that new stakeholders will emerge. We have a pretty tight budget so would recommend building some flexibility into the quoted costs.
  9. Is the CBF/CBAA open to a remote/online engagement approach with sector stakeholders to save on travel costs for both sector stakeholders and consultant staff?
    Yes. We anticipate there will need to be a mix of interviews and focus groups to cover a cross-section of the sector, a joint meeting with the CBAA and CBF Boards and a session with the Roundtable members. A remote/online engagement approach would be suitable in many cases. We are open to using any tools that enable wide consultation.
  10. Is it expected that the fee will be quoted as a price per hour, or quoted as a fixed price to cover the entire scope?
    We would prefer a fixed price to cover the entire scope.
  11. Will the CBF/CBAA or other project stakeholders oversee recruitment, coordination, liaison and booking in of sector representatives into project engagements or is this something you would like the consultant to do?
    We anticipate this will depend on the activity. For example, the CBAA/CBF may undertake much of this for meetings (such as with the Sector Roundtable), but for online focus groups or interviews the CBF/CBAA are likely to assist with introductions, but the consultant will take on responsibility for coordination, liaison and bookings.
  12. Can you confirm that communication channels for consulting/liaising with key stakeholders already exist and that the consultant will not be required to open lines of communication from scratch?
    Yes this is correct. We anticipate the consultants working closely with the CBAA/CBF team in this regard.
  13. Can you provide further detail about what “Advise and assist with communication efforts to promote the sector roadmap publicly and to key stakeholders” might entail and what the existing challenges are?
    Communication to the sector and other stakeholders will primarily rest with CBAA and CBF. However, it is anticipated that the consultant would work with both organisations to ensure alignment on key messages and communications. We anticipate a close working relationship between the Project Control Group and the consultant in this regard.
  14. Is there an expectation that the selected Consultant will attend the CBAA conference in October?
    We have allocated some time to launch the roadmap process and explain our plans. However, we appreciate that the timeframe between appointing a consultant and the conference is very tight so we are flexible about how we use the opportunity.
  15. How many suppliers have been invited to this RFP?
    Approximately ten suppliers have been invited to submit a proposal. The RFP is also publicly available.
  16. How often does the Community Broadcasting roundtable meet?
    The Roundtable meets in person twice per year. We haven’t set the 2023 meeting dates yet and would anticipate doing that so at least one fits the timeline of the Roadmap development. The CEO’s of the organisations that make up the Roundtable meet every six weeks.

Submitting your proposal

Proposals should be emailed to by Sunday 9th October 2022 at 5pm (AEST).

Acknowledgement of receipt will be provided by email. If acknowledgement of receipt is not received within 3 working days of lodgement please contact us.

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